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Forex Signals Performance

In the page, all the traders can see and study the performance of the trading account.

From the moment, we publish forex signals and operate as a forex signals provider, monitor, collect and study all the statistics associated with our investment account. Besides, in order to characterize a forex signal service as successful should have all the statistics more than satisfactory.

Continuous calculation of these elements is neither easy nor simple. Monitoring and calculation of statistics of an investment account are usually done by independent and expert sources ensuring in this way, a comprehensive and detailed presentation of statistical data. 

The accuracy of the calculations, and of course impartiality is absolutely necessary so that no-one can doubt the final result as always for all investment accounts followed the same method.

Our account statistics published and renewed constantly so by this way is simple and easy for each trader to make a serious study before proceed to their evaluation.
It is also possible to read all the statistics from the pages to myfxbook and fxblue, because there are recorded all our trading orders and calculate at any time our aggregate statistical result.