F.A.Q. | Forex Signals Market


  • What is Forex?
The system of global trading in foreign currency is known as the Foreign Exchange Market, Forex, or FX.  Foreign exchange market has become the world’s largest financial market.
  • Why is Forex trading?
Forex trading is attractive because it offers freedom. A Forex trader can live almost anywhere as long as he/she is within reach of the internet. All traders can work from home or office.
  • How high are the risks in forex trading?
The risks can be high. Forex traders from all over the world are competing against other forex traders, banks, and institutional traders who are seeking the same potential rewards from their own trading activities. Forex Trading is speculative and any capital used should be risk capital.
  • What are “long” or “short” positions?
A long position is one in which you buy a currency at one price, with the expectation of selling it later on at a higher price.A long position is one in which you buy a currency at one price, with the expectation of selling it later on at a higher price. A short position is one in which you sell a currency with the expectation of buying it back at a lower price. Here, you expect the market to fall.
  • What is a Pip?
A pip is a term used in the currency market to represent the smallest incremental move an exchange rate can make.
  • How much has a pip worth?
If you trade the full contract (100k of currency) the EUR/USD and GBP/USD are worth approximate $10. 
  • Why choose Forex Signals Market?
Most novice traders lose all their money extremely fast in the Forex market. It is no place for amateurs. A trader has to be very experienced to beat the market and lock in continuous profits. We offer you the chance to start profiting from the Forex market right now. We help you manage your trades, offer live commentary during each trade and we help you determine your risk before you trade. We are honest reporting trading results. We announce forex trading signals as they happen, with no hidden rules or subjective criteria. We focus on providing forex trading signals with stable results, low drawdowns, and consistent performance.
  • When are the Forex signals received?
We send trading signals as and when they are presented in the market.
  • What is the usual distance to stop and limit levels?
Stop levels are calculated based on risk/reward ratios.
  • What position size should I use?
The size of your trade depends on your available account size and available margin. Keep in mind that leverage is a double-edged sword. It can greatly improve profits, but also generate huge losses.
  • Who decides the trades?
All trades are exclusively decided by our experienced Forex traders. We do not use robots, EA`s or other funny indicators, just human intelligence, and years of fund management experience.
  • Can I trade manually?
Yes. You can open new positions manually as well as close/modify any of the providers positions at any time with the broker's MT4 terminal.
  • Do I have to use Metatrader to receive your signals? 
Yes. Our signal receiver is a Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (EA) that is attached to your Metatrader 4 platform. It will not work with any other type of trading platform. 
  • Who can subscribe to Forex Signals Market?  
As long as you have a computer that is connected to the internet, together with the ambition of making money from Forex. 
  • Do you recommend any broker house or trading platform? 
We do not recommend any broker house. In order to trade better, we would advise you to look for a good and suitable forex broker/trading platform. But we recommend our members to use MT4 (Meta Trader 4) platform for trading with our system.
  • Are you professional traders or Forex Marketers?
We are full-time professional Forex traders.

You may have questions that are not listed above. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond with great pleasure as soon as possible.